Google Play has recently launched "Free App of the Week" for a limited time only. For the time being, it is still considered a pilot program.

Back in 2012, Apple has also offered a "Free App of the Week" in the App Store. It highlights the best titles and encourages users to download apps. Google has followed suit but has not committed to making it a full-time feature.

In 2015, Google has also offered "Free App of the Week" in the family section of Google Play. It offered a free app from the PBS Kids.

Google Play's "Free App of the Week" is considered a pilot program only in the United States. It will run for four weeks. Android Police reported that the feature appeared on desktop and mobile. It initially offered a free download of "Card Wars - Adventure Time" from Cartoon Network which will end on March 30. The game normally costs $2.99. However, the publisher says it is not aware any similar promotion.

Venture Beat reports that Google Play's "Free App of the Week" is supposed to highlight one title per week, as its name suggests. The sale is expected to end after seven days. However, it is not clear how the new feature is made, or what are their criteria for choosing a specific app. After a week, the featured app is most likely to return to its original pricing.

The American multinational technology company has not offered any comment regarding the Google Play's "Free App of the Week." "We are always making improvements to Google Play to offer the best service possible to our consumers," the company's spokesperson said instead.

Last week, Google Play's "Free App of the Week" was "Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords." Now it is back to its original price of $3 again.