'Survivor' cast member outed as transgender on Wednesday's episode

Zeke Smith; a cast of "Survivor" has been outed during last Wednesday's episode of the show.

According to CNN, Zeke Smith has been present on back-to-back seasons of the reality series; "Survivor." During an episode that aired Wednesday night his fellow contestant; Jeff Varner has revealed that Smith is a transgender.

It was during an emotional Tribal Council on "Survivor: Game Changers" when Varner got the chance to share this information about Smith. "Why haven't you told anyone you're transgender?" Varner asked Smith.

In the course of the meeting, other contestants responded negatively, stating to Varner that it was personal and he shouldn't have blurted the issue out. Nevertheless, Varner, who is gay; asserted that he did the act to show that Smith was deceiving during the game.

Meanwhile, Smith responded by clarifying that he didn't want to be categorized the trans "Survivor" player. "I wanted to be Zeke the 'Survivor' player," Smith further stated

Some of the fans of the reality series were shocked by the revelation while the others were annoyed with what Varner did.

The "Survivor" host, Jeff Probst has stated in an interview that while he has seldom given his personal opinion in 34 seasons of the reality series, he could not keep on being quiet about this happening.

"I cannot imagine anyone thinking what was done to Zeke was okay on any level, under any circumstances, and certainly not simply because there were a million dollars on the line," Probst stated. "I think the response from the tribe, as it so often does, mirrors what the vast majority of society will feel. You just don't do that to someone," he further added.

Varner apologized for what he did and he even went through Twitter his heartfelt apologies to Smith. He even stated that what he has done was the worst decision of his life.

The contestants of "Survivor" are competing for a major cash prize. They have to survive in remote locations and compete in extreme challenges to be able to obtain the reward.

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