Justin Bieber has turned one hit song into a remix and this time, he's proven more by singing it in Spanish.

Originally, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's hit song "Despacito" has landed the 44th spot on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Its beat is quite sexy and catchy and the lyrics are captivating.

Who would have though that it will sound a little bit better when remixed?

The "Sorry" hitmaker's sexy voice has sound, even more, appealing with the song. At first, he sang it in English but on the latter part, he was singing Spanish in the chorus. On the other hand, Fonsi, 39, has amazed fans by singing in English

The "Baby" singer has first announced his collaboration before the song's debut, according to E! News.

Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican singer shares how unique the song is.

"It's a little different from the stuff that I've done in the past. It's something that grabs a lot from my culture, my Puerto Rican culture. There are some instruments that really bring us to this beautiful island," Fonsi explained. "Despacito just really brings a lot of new things to the table."

In only three months, "Despacito" has been viewed on YouTube over more than a billion times and it's not something to wonder about. The song's not only catchy but the video has also featured the beauty of the island, the simplicity of the streets, and the greatness of the people, and not to mention, the lead girl of the song.

With Bieber singing it in his own version, "Despacito" will surely stay as a hit for a longer time.

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