Officers say United Airlines passenger David Dao's actions were violent

United Airlines passenger, David Dao, who was forcibly removed from Flight 3411 passenger plane, was violently swinging his fists at the officers, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation.

On Wednesday, the officers responsible for the incident released a report saying that a necessary force was used by Dao that resulted for one of them to take him out of his seat in that manner. Dao, a 69-year old doctor was reportedly swinging his arms up and down in a violent way. Officer Mauricio Rodriguez, one of the officials who got inside the plane as per United orders, confirmed the eyewitnesses' statements about how Dao was forcibly taken away from his seat but he added that the passenger was violent to start with.

Included in the report submitted by the Chicago Department of Aviation was how David Dao was violently swinging his arms and closed fist to the officers when they tried to remove him from his seat. Officer James Long, another officer from the department, gave a similar statement.

On April 9th, one of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 3411, whose seat was close to Dao's, uploaded a video clip on his public Twitter account showing the footage of an aviation officer forcibly dragging Dao from his seat, causing for him to bleed on his nose and have a concussion. It started with an overbooking situation when four United crew came, resulting for four passengers to voluntarily give up their seats. When no one volunteered for a fourth seat, Dao was manually chosen by the airline and when he hesitated, it resulted for the officers to forcibly take him out.

Dao's lawyer, Thomas Demetrio, said that his client suffered a broken nose, a concussion, and loss of two front teeth. According to The Guardian, Demetrio stated that Dao will sue United Airlines and further added that the report from the officers of the Chicago Department of Aviation was an utter nonsense and baseless.

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