United Airlines Provides 'Amicable Settlement' For Dao Incident

A dramatic incident which involved the United Airlines and a passenger have sent chaos to many people worldwide. However, the controversial airline had already settled with the victim, Dr. David Hao, after the injuries and humiliation he has received.

Apparently, United Airlines has given an "amicable settlement" to Dr. Hao after forcibly dragging him out of the plane. According to his attorney, the airline has provided a confidential amount to his client.

Dr. Hao, who was a Kentucky physician, has suffered several injuries that result to the lost of his two teeth, broken nose, and concussion. Apparently, the airline was overbooked last April 9 and the victim was asked to give his seat for airline employees. However, the doctor refused, making the airport police at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport drag him out of his seat.
The Chief Executive of the airline, Oscar Munoz, has repeatedly asked for an apology, assuring everyone about the carrier's improvement. As LA Times reported, the major changes involve reducing the use of the authorities on carriers, giving up to $10,000 to those who will voluntarily provide their seats, and not force any of the passengers to give their seats up.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dao's attorney, Thomas Demetrio, has commended the airline's executive for the immediate settlement. He praised Munoz for doing the right thing and the airline for taking full responsibility for the incident. Both parties, as reports suggest, were satisfied with the settlement.

As for the officers of the Chicago Department of Aviation, Dr. Dao's attorney said that his client will not sue them nor anyone anymore. United Airlines' action to compromise with their victim has lessened the further damage that may have occurred in case the civil lawsuit continued.

Nevertheless, the airline has received criticisms that would mark the traveler's memory. One passenger even shared a sentiment after Dao's incident, saying: "I wouldn't fly United if they gave me a free pass to fly first class to anywhere for the rest of my life."

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