'The Voice' Season 12 Top 8 Results Recap: The Bloodbath Survivors


Last night on The Voice the top 8 was cut in half. With four contestants moving on to the finale next week and the other four heading home, this cut was absolutely brutal.

Before we can discuss the survivors lets take a moment to acknowledge the casualties of tonight.

The Bottom 5: TSoul, Hunter Plake, Vanessa Ferguson, Brennley Brown, and Jesse Larson

Cut Without Performing for the Save: TSoul and Vanessa Ferguson

Instant Save Winner: Jesse Larson

The Final 4: Jesse Larson, Chris Blue, Aliyah Moulden, and Lauren Duski

To say that fans are mad about these results would be an understatement. Brennley and Hunter were favorites to win the show, and yet here they are not even making the finale. Many are arguing that Aliyah only advanced due to the spot she performed in, and that Jesse was only saved because he got to perform last during the instant save. No matter how the situation is looked at, everyone agrees that the bloodbath is just awful and brutal.

Looking forward, the remaining four competitors are a really weak representation of the talent pool that was in the top 12. Chris and Lauren are great, but Aliyah and Jesse just don't belong here this late in the game. It's such a shame the way this season has played out. In the end, the final four all fit archetypes of past finale match ups, which is a rather interesting thing to note. Conspiracy theories aside though, here are our power rankings of the top 4.

4- Aliyah Moulden- Aliyah is only really here because she got lucky with a pretty strong push from producers. For every other performance that she has given she has delivered far below most of the top 8. Though she might have made it to the finale, placing beyond third place would be the shock of the show's lifecycle.

3- Jesse Larson- Jesse may have won the instant save, but there is a lot of hate directed at him for beating out Hunter and Brennley. We think he will make it to third and that it will be a shock if he makes it into the top 2.

2- Chris Blue- Chris deserved to make it to the finale. He has fought his way this entire time, and seeing him here at the end is really satisfying. It doesn't seem likely that he will win, but at least he is the only one who will give Lauren a challenge.

1- Lauren Duski- Chris will give her a run for her money, but Lauren just makes sense to win, considering the show's past of country winners. Still, she doesn't seem on the path to have a breakout superstar career.

What did you think about the bloodbath cuts? Did your favorite survive? Let us know in the comments below. 

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