Jessica Dime might have turned over a new leaf this season on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but apparently, she got physical with another co-star as they taped the reunion special last week.

Jessica allegedly attacked none other than the new star, Lovely Mimi, backstage.

Fans might remember that the teaser for Monday night's episode featured Jessica lunging toward another newbie, Treasure, as Treasure opened up to Rasheeda about sleeping with married men.

This definitely crossed the line in many of the co-stars' eyes considering the drama that Rasheeda is facing on the show, such as accusations that her husband fathered a secret love child.

So, Jessica took action and apparently, Treasure isn't the only one who felt her wrath this season.

PetTeablog revealed the news that Jessica hit Lovely Mimi, not to be confused with Mimi Faust, and walked away as if she didn't get physical at all.

Jessica seemed to confirm speculation when she liked a comment on Instagram that reads, "Dime caught mimi backstage walking past her room and knocked her out with a left. Then they broke it up. Mimi was screaming going crazy and Dime just fixed her hair and went to set."

Lovely Mimi is new to the show this season, but in the air time that she did get, she certainly stirred up trouble with her co-stars.

It looks like Jessica had more than enough and decided to take matters into her own hands. This wouldn't be the first time she fought someone on the show.

Fans might recall in her earlier days that she got physical with Joseline Hernandez.

Thankfully, the two have managed to make up but it might be safe to say Jessica's co-stars should think twice before crossing her.

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