What a week for celebrities! But those are the risks of being rich an famous, what goes up must come down. And now a days the Internet makes that fall so brutal you better keep your feet on the ground at all times!

First, Kevin Hart allegedly cheated on her pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish in Miami. Until this moment the comedian denies that happened.

Later on the week, OJ Simpson had a parole hearing and he will walk out of prison as a free man as soon as October 1.

R. Kelly was also accused to be involved in some kind of cult and the family of one of the girls "kidnapped" is trying to make her come to senses.

An last but not least, leaked papers by RadarOnline showed Usher settled for $1.1 million with an unidentified woman after infecting her with herpes.

It's a scary world out there. But at least we have memes: