Tameka Foster, Usher's ex-wife, has spoken out about his condition and does not seem to care at all.

Foster took to social media to let people know how she was unbothered by the matter and did not want anyone discussing it with her.

"Do not come on my page discussing rumors or adult people that have NOTHING to do with me. I have been divorced 8 years... Some issues are not my business... ex husbands, ex friends, bitch-maids, snakes, hoes, characters, etc. Not my circus, not my clowns," she said in a post.

The celebrity stylist married the Confessions artist back in 2007 and divorced in 2009. Foster claims to be "just fine" amid the allegations he is facing. The artist recently paid $1.1 million to a woman he allegedly gave the disease to.

Usher and Tameka have been divorced for nearly 10 years, however, there has been speculation that she was one of the many women who has been exposed to the disease, but that is definitely not the case.

"I'm good and my health (Everywhere is great), well my right knee hurts and I need reading glasses but otherwise I'm awesome and enjoying the sun. Miss me with other grown folks crazy gossip.. Not my business at all," she said. "I'm living my bestest life. Always. Miss me with the bullsh*t. Thank you."

Apparently, the Yeah! singer was aware he had the disease since 2009, which was around the time he was finalizing his divorce with Foster.