Venus Williams Car Crash: The Tennis Star Blames Deceased Man For Allegedly Not Wearing A Seat Belt During Fatal Car Crash [VIDEO]

In a fatal car crash that occurred last month, Venus Williams was held responsible for the death of an elderly man, Jerome Barson. However, Williams blames Barson for allegedly not wearing a seat belt.

According to a report made by TMZ, the court documents claim that Williams never mentioned which person of the crash was not wearing a seat belt.

Williams also claims that Barson's wife's, Linda Barson, injuries "were not bad" enough to recover damages in a lawsuit under Florida law. However, Linda Barson said otherwise.

Linda Barson claimed she suffered a cracked sternum, broken wrist and a torn right arm.

Despite all the legal action that was taken toward Williams, the tennis star persisted on clearing her name and blaming the Barsons. Williams claims that the couple failed to maintain their car in a safe condition.

Williams also blames the other cars that were driving near them, associating them as "third parties." These "third parties" allegedly contributed to the hectic car crash at the intersection, according to Williams.

The investigation continues, although, Williams' attempt to escape the lawsuit is at an all time high. She is requesting to see the medical history of the Barsons for the past 10 years, which includes a list of all the psychiatrists, doctors and medication prescribed to the couple.

"If Venus isn't guilty and she was driving with all due care and attention then why wouldn't she hand over those records?" a source familiar with the lawsuit said. "If she was distracted by her phone at the time of the accident then negligence becomes an issue - and suddenly things could get a whole lot worse for her."

Last week, the Barson family lawyer requested to see Williams' phone bill for the month of June along with a list of medications she may have taken 72 hours prior to the crash. The lawyer is also requesting to see the title and registration of the vehicle Williams was driving.

The five-time Wimbledon champion has not filed her response to the death suit that was filed against her on June 30.

The crash is still being investigated, however, Williams has not officially been charged with anything yet.

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