Vicki Gunvalson recently claimed she was fine filming The Real Housewives of Orange County without her former co-star Heather Dubrow because of her “mean girl” behavior but according to a new report, there's more to the story.

Speaking out after Gunvalson's interview about Dubrow's exit, a source said that Dubrow was only distant from Gunvalson because they didn't have anything in common -- and because of Gunvalson's own behavior.

“Heather and Vicki were never close due to having nothing in common," an insider told Real Mr. Housewife days ago. "However, they were cordial on the show. That being said, when Vicki told the story about Dr. Dubrow getting helping with Brooks’s cancer by giving him an IV- which was found out to be completely untrue- Heather wanted nothing to do with her.”

“Furthermore,” the insider added, “Vicki claiming she’s glad Heather is gone because Heather was a mean girl isn’t true. Heather just wasn’t a fan of Vicki after what she did, and Vicki was happy to have Heather gone because Vicki knew she couldn’t manipulate Heather. Heather is too smart.”

Gunvalson put Dubrow on blast last week.

"I didn't really appreciate what Heather did last year. She got on the bandwagon of Tamra [Judge] and Shannon [Beador]," she explained to The Daily Dish. "Heather and I had always had a really great relationship. And I support and condone and appreciate her show with Terry [Dubrow] with Botched and all. But when she started getting into the mean girl sector, it really took me off guard because I had a really great relationship with Heather. So, for me, it was time to get the mean girl separated a little bit."

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