Latest reports claimed that Samsung will launch their Galaxy Note 8 this year and some sources were claiming that the particular device might have copied a significant feature of Apple's iPhone 6s. This Galaxy S8-like phablet is expected to make people forget the last year disaster of Galaxy Note 7.

Even many details have been revealed already leaking the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, still, a new report claimed that Samsung got a signature feature of iPhone 6s and that is the 3D Touch. It can be recalled that Apple introduced the 3D Touch display in their iPhone 6s.

It was reported on BGR that the 3D Touch provides the users a quick access to the applications and system-wide shortcuts. Then, reports claimed that this feature will also be incorporated on the iPhone 7 and will also be the same on all future iPhones including the units which will be launched this year.

Apple launched the 3D Touch and this became the marketing name of Apple's display technology which senses touch pressure in order to make some on-screen actions function. It was also considered that 3d Touch was one of the outstanding features Apple developed exactly before the company unveiled the iPhone the company has planned to create for years.

Meanwhile, Samsung was able to release a device which has an all-screen display and this was before Apple can launch its latest device. This was the Galaxy S8 which discarded the home button in order to extend the surface of the display. With this, some sources said that Apple will do this with its iPhone 8 this year.

According to Mashable, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is said to inherit the design of the Galaxy S8 and will also sport a force touch display which is also called as the 3-D Touch. This specification will enable shortcuts and hidden menus to other more features.

However, even if the 3D Touch feature is great phone developers should also think of a way to deal with the home button feature which is a crucial element for interacting with the device. Nevertheless, this likewise offers features which extend more than substituting the home button.

Since it was already leaked that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also come with the 3D Touch display, it was suggested that this will extend to the entire display. Perhaps, Samsung realized that it also needs this feature introduced and popularized by Apple on its new smartphones.