Samsung reportedly wanted to introduce in-display fingerprint reader when they develop their Galaxy Note 9. If this happens, this will be the first device incorporating that feature since Apple, according to reports, dropped it.

Previous reports claimed that Samsung will be releasing their Galaxy Note 8 in the coming months and it looks like consumers are already looking forward to the Galaxy Note 9. If the in-display fingerprint reader is true, users might want to skip Note 8 for this device from Samsung.

It can be recalled that when Samsung launched their Galaxy S8 smartphone in the early quarter of this year, not all the users were pleased with its unfortunate design choice. This was because its fingerprint scanner was positioned on the back near the camera of the device. With this, it seems like Samsung will still follow and employ that placement for a while longer with their upcoming devices.

Based on a report from The Verge, there was a report saying that Samsung will keep the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device near the camera for now. When the company will launch the Galaxy S9, reports claimed that the scanner will still be found on the back but Samsung aims to incorporate the under-display fingerprint reader in the Galaxy Note 9.

It was then reported after the S8 launching that Samsung underwent a last-minute change since it was difficult to develop an in-display fingerprint reader. Even if the location seems to be annoying for users, Samsung is not the only company having a hard time developing this feature right and properly.

According to Android Authority, since smartphone developers are now creating devices featuring edge-to-edge screens. They have no choice but to move some buttons to the rear or back of the device or also into the screen. It has been speculated that Apple will be working on an in-display fingerprint reader for its next iPhone model. However, some sources suggested that the company will not push through with this and will replace it with a virtual button instead.

With that, it was claimed that Samsung will rush to introduce the said technology and innovative feature. Besides, the company needs not to risk adopting this since the Galaxy Note 9 reportedly will have upgrade dual camera and iris recognition.