'Aquaman' Revealed As ‘Technically Challenging’ DC Movie

In all movies under DC, it has been revealed that "Aquaman" is technically challenging to shoot as it was just revealed by its director, James Wan. It was reported that Wan is currently in the midst of shooting the said movie which stars Jason Momoa.

It can be recalled that James Wan already made hugely profitable movies namely Insidious, Saw, and Conjuring as well as 2105's Fast and Furious 7. But with Aquaman, the director shared that he finds this challenging as they are expected to shoot in the water most of the times.

Though it already came as no surprise when James Wan said that shooting Aquaman comes with a big of challenges, fans of DC movies are still looking forward to this. According to Hollywood Reporter, Wan further shared that the crew is working with water to the point that even the dry-for-wet sequences are very complicated to shoot.

In the said shooting for the film "Aquaman", director James Wan needs to think about the equivalent of two people sitting around talking in the underwater. This is indeed complex and hard since the crew still needs to think about how their clothing moves, what type of rig they have to put these characters on and how they are floating.

The much-acclaimed director further shared that much of the challenge in shooting Aquaman came from his commitment to filming as much with the actors as he could. He made it sure to avoid CGI wherever possible since that will just make the filming time-consuming and time-challenging. Though he admitted that the film is not easy to shoot, he hopes that this will pay off when it comes out in theater soon.

Meanwhile, Batman News reported James Wan also gave some details on casting Dolph Lundgren for the film Aquaman. It also started when people saw a video of Lundgren practicing underwater stunts and this gave the fans a view of King Nereus in action. The director claimed that Lundgren is fit for the role that also starred in the '80s and '90s films like Masters of the Universe, Rocky IV, and Universal Soldier.

Lastly, James Wan shared that he just joined the franchise at a perfect time with the huge success of "Wonder Woman" this summer. It is understood that there is a great momentum for DC Extended Universe and Aquaman might also bring the same success once it hits theaters on December 21, 2018.

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