Dakota Johnson has been reported to have felt different when they filmed the sex scenes with Jamie Dornan in their two "Fifty Shades" movies. It has been speculated too that she regrets signing up for the said movies.

As reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Dakota spilled in her latest interview how unimpressed she was in her love scenes with Dornan. According to the actress, her love scenes with the actor are the most awkward job for her. Because of this, she hinted that she is not really impressed with their love scenes.

Although she just confessed how she was unimpressed with this, she after all spilled that her sex scenes with Jamie is interesting. Johnson shared that she and Jamie are very honest when it's their turn already to act this out in front of the cameras. The main stars of the "Fifty Shades" both know that they are doing it for the films.

Even if Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan work as professionals in the three films, still Dakota has doubts before they actually film and with regards to the outcome of their performance.

It can be recalled that this is not the first time the actress has complained about the film since before she already hinted over how she is not pleased with filming some of the intimate scenes of the movie as per reports from USA Today.

According to Dakota, her love scenes with Dornan are already a tedious work for her. She told people how uncomfortable for her to shoot the sex scenes for several hours in a just one day. So would this also mean that Dakota Johnson is not actually impressed with Jamie Dornan in bed?

Well some rumors even suggest that because of these remarks from Johnson, Jamie has been humiliated and that she should have not shared something like this. People and fans are just waiting for the actor's comments.

Perhaps Dakota Johnson has her reason for sharing this and it's not to humiliate co-star Jamie Dornan but part of promoting "Fifty Shades Darker."