‘Rick and Morty’ Presents Pickle Rick As A Classic Hero At Its Centre

"Rick and Morty" has been gaining a lot of viewers and fans and some sources claimed that its plot and main character are the main factors for this. The show also features Pickle Rick, the main character who uses his own name as his catchphrase and this differentiates him from other classic heroes.

With this, Spoiler TV claimed that "Rick and Morty" became a funny absurdist gag while turning into a brilliant action movie. This is because Rick managed to play and show an emotional and intelligent B-plot regarding family therapy. Moreover, the show even revealed heightened and crazy atmosphere in order to show something dark underneath the episodes.

Some also said that "Rick and Morty" actually deals a certain idea which can only be performed on a show such as this. If the fans have realized this, it is a silly idea to turn Rick into a pickle on the episode but the show did it and it was even considered as one of the most well-liked episodes of the season so far.

The said episode was considered hilarious that the writers of "Rick and Morty" came up with this idea and it was really over the top. Moreover, the juxtaposition of the action with Rick was well-noticed together with the therapy session with Morty, Beth, and Summer. In addition, what even made it exciting was the appearance of Susan Sarandon and Danny Trejo and it just signified that the show is indeed getting bigger. Therefore, the fans need to expect that the show will keep getting stronger in each week.

But even if the latest episodes of "Rick and Morty" received praises, some were not that pleased. While some said that it went over the top, others claimed that it could have been the emptiest offering of the show. AV Club reported that it was regarded as nothing but mindless action with the inclusion of psychobabble with no path towards development.

In the end, "Rick and Morty" presented beautifully animated fight scenes and a different presentation of a revenge story. The true message that the show imparted was giving a gruesome look at the tragedy of the family and this mentally killing them.

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