'Battlefield 1' New Update Now Available & It’s Mandatory

The new update for "Battlefield 1" is now available and reports claimed that this is called as the Lupkow Pass Update. As it is mandatory, it incorporates the first map coming from the In the Name of the Tsar expansion together with several fixes and some weapon tweaks.

The reports from Gamespot also added that the "Battlefield 1" update is being set in Russia particularly in the Carpathian mountains. In its details, it was said that is a vertical-themed map and it is a suitable location for death. Again, since every game should have this update, they are required to purchase the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass first or if not, they can also opt for the In the Name of the Tsar expansion in order to have a new map.

The said "Battlefield 1" update also has other benefits to players most especially as the gameplay keeps on updating and upgrading. It makes every gameplay so stationary to the point that MGs no longer do damage to players whenever they are being destroyed. Moreover, this update also solves the problem in order to eliminate the weapon loadout UI.

But other sources claimed that this new "Battlefield 1" update is advantageous to horse-riders too as this can increase the speed of horses by up to 25 percent. Besides the speed, the effectiveness of horses jumping over the obstacles is also made enhanced and improved. Lastly, Battlefield claimed that the players can have other more options like the toggle or hold for sprinting a horse.

Meanwhile, the "Battlefield 1" Lupkow Pass Update patch notes have already been released too and these include maps and modes, spectator, weapons, vehicles, RSP and server, spawning experience, UI, options, network, and others. Each patch note has its designated function like fixing the issue in case the tank spawns would get blocked by soldiers on Amiens.

With the new patch notes, players of "Battlefield 1" will get have a different gaming experience especially when it comes to problems on bugs wherein some 2d overlays from vehicles would just show up in free cam or tabletop. The players can just take advantage of the spectator being one of the new and updated patch notes.

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