When legendary boxer Mike Tyson watched the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, he was seated behind NBA superstar LeBron James. But even if the boxer got a nice place to sit, still he said that it is not ideal to sit behind the basketball superstar at a sporting event.

According to Sports Illustrated, it is no longer a surprise that LeBron had great seats during the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout. With this, it also follows that he is not the perfect person to sit behind at a sporting event just like what Tyson mentioned in his latest interview.

Most people would want the opportunity to sit beside or behind James in any sporting event but not for Tyson. The star-struck moment will just disappear if one was stuck behind the tall NBA superstar in one venue or stadium.

In the said event, Mike Tyson who is 5'10'' sat behind LeBron James who is listed at 6'8''. He then claimed that he was able to watch a large portion of the Mayweather victory on the Jumbotron for the reason that he could not see over James. Even if he has a ringside seat to the Las Vegas, Nevada spectacle, he was obviously stuck behind the NBA icon.

Tyson then revealed to DJ Whoo Kid on "The Whoolywood Shuffle" that James is around 10 feet tall and that served as an obstruction for him. He further shared that when he stood up, he looked up at the fight on the ceiling. Bleacher Report claimed that the ceiling had the little tubes so he watched the ceiling and suddenly said, "God, this guy is tall."

Despite this dilemma, Tyson revealed that he enjoyed the fight and he thought that everyone who watched got their money's worth. Then he was asked if he is interested in fighting in MMA too. Then he responded by saying that he doesn't do that anymore since he is no longer the same person. He also added that one has to be a certain kind of person for that.