Selena Gomez Health: Lupus Battle Is Far From Over After Kidney Transplant [VIDEO]

Selena Gomez may have recently received a kidney transplant, but that doesn't mean that the "Fetish" singer is out of the woods when it comes to her health.

According to a new report, New York City lupus expert and rheumatologist Dr. Robert Fafalak who has not treated Gomez, has spoken out about Gomez's diagnosis, revealing that while she is now able to go back to work, she shouldn't push herself too far.

“People recover and go back to work, but running around, being up all night, that’s not something I would advise, Dr. Fafalak told Life & Style magazine on September 20. "It takes time for the kidney, which filters a lot of waste products in the body, to start working fully."

Gomez went public with new of her kidney transplant earlier this month on Instagram, along with a photo of herself and her kidney donor and friend, Francia Raisa, lying in side-by-side hospital beds.

Continuing on, Dr. Fafalak said that Gomez may face another health crisis in the future due to her Lupus battle.

“Other organs, like the lungs, can become involved,” he noted. “Your lifespan when you have something like this could potentially be shortened."

In fact, he claimed, Gomez's new kidney could ultimately fail. 

"There’s definitely reports that after several years, transplants just wear out. [But] it really is variable from person to person."

While Gomez may have a long road ahead, she has the support of her boyfriend, The Weeknd, who recently moved in with her in New York City, where she'll be spending the next several weeks filming the upcoming Woody Allen movie.

“He’s been a tower of strength for Selena,” a source said. “The operation has really brought them closer together.”

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