Hollywood celebrities are never far from channelizing their efforts towards fighting global warming and Climate change and the James Bond star is doing just that, ahead of his new release "The Foreigner".

If not living the life of an actor, Pierce Brosnan is a true activist at heart. This time the 64-year-old Irish actor is doing his bit to create awareness about the humpback whale as an IFAW Ambassador. He extends his support to the Campaign to save the Endangered Species Act from being attacked by Congress.

Pierce stood out in a campaign for The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) asking each and everyone to come together to challenge the ongoing crisis, dangerous attacks, on the ESA (Endangered Species Act).

The Act, according to the World Animal News has come under fire by Congress and requires all the support for the benefit of the species.The campaign #OneActForall along with the Irish actor, features celebrities like activist Mark Ruffalo, Slash, Nina Dobrev, Samantha Bee, Wilmer Valderrama, and Susan Sarandon. In the video, each of them is paired with a different fauna or species that could benefit from saving the ESA.

The NY Wolf Centre recently appreciated the actor's effort in the protection of ESA and thanked Pierce for being there. "Howls of thanks, Pierce Bronson for standing up for the Endangered Species Act", it said.

It is indeed an appalling situation for those who really care and many have in fact appreciated Pierce's contribution over a post on twitter. Pierce has shared his views constantly either tweeting or quoting at several occasions over the importance of ESA. Endangered Species Act being in danger. If it falls, we all fall. Will you be part of the OneActForAll movement? by saying so he takes pride in taking action to protect endangered species everywhere.