Word is Gabrielle Union already knows who she wants her new friends in Cleveland to be after her husband, Dwyane Wade, announced he’s going to the Cavaliers.

“Gabrielle loves the chance that she will have the chance to hang out with [Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend] Khloe [Kardashian] and [wife of Lebron James] Savannah [James] and go on so many triple dates together,” an insider told Hollywood Life Friday. “She loves that everyone can be a big family and be so close to one another. Gabrielle and Dwyane have all the money in the world now, and they’re interested in elevating the quality of their lives. Being around friends and family is what is important to Gabrielle, so she’s so happy that Dwyane’s joining the Cavaliers. She feels it will be good for everyone!”

Union and Savannah are already pretty close after their husbands played in Miami. What will be interesting to see is how Kardashian, who’s dating star Tristan Thompson, will fit into all of this.

News of Union wanting to be besties with Kardashian and Savannah comes just after she revealed she and her husband attend couples’ therapy regularly.

“People are like ‘goals;’ me and D are like, ‘WTF?’ We’ve kind of figured it out now, but I guess maybe we should tweet live from couples’ therapy,” she said in a recent interview with Complex magazine. “And when you ask us we’re gonna tell you, there’s a process to happy.”

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