Scott Disick Girlfriend List: Lionel Richie Says He's 'Scared To Death' About Sofia's Romance [VIDEO]

Lionel Richie is not here for his 19-year-old daughter, Sofia Richie, dating 34-year-old reality star Scott Disick.

Us Weekly caught up with the legendary singer and asked him about his thoughts on his daughter’s high profile romance.

“Have I been in shock? I’m the dad, come on,” he said earlier this week. “I’m scared to death, are you kidding me?”

This seems to be Disick’s first serious relationship since his public breakup with Kourtney Kardashian. As for what she thinks about Disick moving on with Sofia, one insider told the publication she’s not necessarily up in arms about it.

“Kourtney thinks this fling with Sofia is a little weird, but nothing shocks her anymore,” one insider said. “Kourtney just wants Scott to be his old self. She shares three kids with him, so she’ll always want the best for him and will always make sure he’s happy.”

It might be safe to say he’s happy with Sofia. But one source also spoke with PEOPLE Friday on how Lionel feels about the controversial relationship.

“He thinks Scott is the worst person she could ever see and that he raised her better than that,” they said. “He thinks she should have more respect for herself as a young woman. Lionel knows Scott’s playboy ways and he doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt. Sofia is much more invested in the relationship than Scott. Scott isn’t treating this as a long-term relationship whatsoever. He is just having fun. Sofia wanted commitment from him, so he committed to be her ‘boyfriend.’”

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