Tamar Braxton is ready to make amends with Adrienne Bailon.

The two sparked a close friendship when Braxton was a co-host on The Real. But it went left after Braxton was fired more than a year ago. Now, it looks like Braxton has come around and wants her friend back in her life.

Braxton was on Instagram Live when it looked like Bailon chimed in with a sentimental comment. While it was actually a fan page of the star, Braxton had a message for the real Bailon.

“Is this Adrienne?” she asked. “I mean Adrienne, I’ve been waiting on you, man. I think I emailed you like 9 months ago. God is good. He always makes things full circle, won’t he do it?”

She added, “Holla at me. Hit on the ‘Gram and I can send you my number…I love you to pieces, I miss you like [crap].”

Word is Braxton cut off all of her former The Real co-hosts as she questioned whether they had a hand in getting her fired from the show. Bailon has been pretty quiet about her and Braxton’s broken friendship. But she did speak out about it on Ebro in the Morning last October.

She said Braxton’s firing “had absolutely nothing to do with us… That’s above my pay grade, so to speak. I can’t make those decisions. I love Tamar. I will always love Tamar.”

Check it out at the 7:50 mark.

Hopefully these two can rekindle their close friendship!

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