Javi Marroquin is not on board with Kailyn Lowry moving out of state.

During a new interview, the Teen Mom 2 dad spoke out against the idea, claiming that if Lowry wants to vacate her Delaware home, she is not going to be taking their young son, three-year-old Lincoln.

“I tell her all the time, ‘If you want to leave Delaware then be my guest,’” he told Radar Online on October 17. “But you’re not taking Lincoln. I definitely won’t let it go easy if she does move.”

While Lowry has made it clear that she is a big fan of Los Angeles, Marroquin isn't convinced that she will actually go through with a move because she is currently tied to three different baby daddies, including him, Jo Rivera, and Chris Lopez.

“I don’t see her leaving Delaware because she has three kids with three dads,” he said.

As for Marroquin, he's planning on staying in Delaware, even if he decides to re-enlist with the Air Force.

“If I re-enlist it’s another four years,” he explained. “I can either stay in Delaware or they move me wherever they want. If not I have to get out and find a Plan B. I would love to reenlist. I’m going to apply to stay in Delaware. The decision lies on that. If I don’t get approved, I’m not leaving Lincoln.”

As Marroquin considers his future with the Air Force, Lowry is focused on her potential new series.

“I filmed a pilot with one of my friends back in March so I am hoping to edit that and try to get it out there,” Lowry told Radar Online. “I want to pitch it and see what happens. It’s a TV show about working moms with a spin to it.”