Yandy Smith learned the hard way that she and her former VH1 Love & Hip Hop New York co-star and friend, Kimbella, are not necessarily on great terms right now.

Smith shared a photo of her and Kimbella together to celebrate Kimbella’s birthday.

She added the caption, “No matter where life takes us or how close or far we live from each other, no matter how many break ups to make ups we have… you’ll always be close because you have a very special place in my heart. So glad 25 years ago or so, on this day God created you to be here in this world for me to meet. Thank you for all the laughs, all the strength and all those moments of silence when there were no words to be said just hugs. Happy Birthday. @kimbellasworld”

While it seems like the message came from good intentions, Kimbella made a comment revealed she isn’t buying anything Smith might be trying to sell.

“Yandy how long has it been since we’ve spoken?! You didn’t call or text me for my birthday, but put this post up because it makes you ‘look good’ that’s [messed] up knowing how loyal of a friend I was to you for years! You could have kept this post to ya self or at least text it to me if you really meant it… but again like I said it’s a ‘Good Look’ for you.”

She also had a few words for fans who came to Smith’s defense.

“I’m not texting her nothing just like she ain’t soooo… How you know it’s not that ‘Deep’? Tf y’all be swearing y’all know EVERYTHING. Lol you’re a fan I was a TRUE friend let me say what I need to say in peace!”

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