Kevin Hart is allegedly planning to joke about his recent cheating scandal and claims of extortion when he begins his upcoming tour next year.

According to a new report, nothing appears to be off-limits when it comes to Hart's Irresponsible Tour -- and it's all because the comedian's wife, Eniko Parrish, has allegedly encouraged him to speak out about the cheating rumors and alleged sex tape of her husband and another woman.

“Kevin’s always used his real life for his comedy, so it would be weird if he just totally ignored this whole cheating scandal,” a source told Hollywood Life on October 19. “He kind of has to talk about it and Eniko gets that. He did get her permission, though, and she’s okay with it."

“For her, it would be worse to ignore it,” the source adds. “To try and sweep it under the rug and not talk about it gives it that much more power.”

Hart was accused of cheating on Parrish months ago and in the time that's followed, rumors of a sex tape and extortion scandal have swirled. Meanwhile, Parrish has stuck by her man as she prepares to welcome their first child in the coming weeks.

While Parrish is reportedly okay with Hart talking about their marriage drama on tour, she is reportedly doing what she can to keep close tabs on him.

“Eniko is keeping extra close tabs on Kevin, especially during her final weeks of pregnancy. Eniko is making Kevin call, text or facetime with her constantly, throughout the day, whenever they are apart,” another source told Hollywood Life. “After his latest blunders, Kevin has agreed to check in with Eniko practically every hour they are apart to give her more security in their unstable relationship.”

To hear more about the drama surrounding Hart and his allegedly shady behavior, check out the TMZ report below.