Taylor Swift apologises after her ‘300 people know’ statement sparked outrage among fans


Fans took to Twitter to forgive Taylor Swift's "300 people know" statement after she posted apology note on Tumblr. The 27-year-old singer accepted her mistake and addressed the "300 people know" comment which was posted and then deleted after. Taylor said her statement was unintentional.

What Was The Issue All About?

It all began when fans got curious about the child's voice in the third song titled "Gorgeous" released from her latest album Reputation.

In an attempt to pull a joke, the singer left a reply that only 300 fans knew about the child. This disappointed the rest of her fans. It not only angered them but also led them to believe that she was being biased. They slammed her for being picky over fans and accused her of favoritism.

Taylor Swift Tumblr account shows fan's asking her about the child's voice, to which she left a reply that only 300 fans knew.

It was later revealed that the voice was of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's daughter.

The Singer's Apology

Confirming her statement was a message shared by an unidentified fan on Twitter.

"Omg I was joking around because it was to Carm and in my head, it read as like mysterious light-hearted teasing your friend but then I read it back and was like AH yeah I see how that came off. Point being: I'm trying to meet as many of you as humanly possible this time and I'd never be like that," Taylor said.

Fans Reaction To Apology

One fan opened up about the incident and told how offended she felt over Taylor's comment on Saturday. "Why lie I got offended and it made me sad," she wrote on Twitter.

Another one wrote on how few people made her apologize for something so harmless.

The country singer recently dropped her new song, Gorgeous, from her latest album Reputation. She has been reportedly inviting her fans for a secret session over her third single from the album. These sessions are said to be held in different locations including London, New York, Rhode Island, Los Angeles, Nashville and Watch Hill, in a secluded place.

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