'The View' Cast Give Their Opinions on Ellen DeGeneres Tweet to Katy Perry

Imagine, it's one of your closet friend's birthday and because social media seems to be the platform to show your affection, you decide, "Hey I'm going to shout out my friend today!" That's what Ellen DeGeneres did for her friend, Katy Perry and it seems to have backfired on her.

DeGeneres posted a birthday message to Perry on her Twitter page, with a picture of them from the 2013 Grammy's. In the picture, DeGeneres is staring at Katy's breasts, and Katy is seen smiling. Ellen's wife, Portia De Rossi, was also in the picture. Instead of receiving the usual laughs Ellen gets for any of her comical stunts, the TV personality and talk show host has been bombarded with negative feedback for her birthday tribute to the 'Fireworks' singer.

Earlier today, the ladies of 'The View' get candid about the situation, since many people feel that Ellen's seemingly innocent tweet should be considered a form of sexual harassment.

"It's bad timing. Because we all know Ellen. What we're talking about and what she's doing is two separate things... If it was a guy and this was put out, would we have a different standard? And it seems like we're split," Whoopi Goldberg stated.

Goldberg's co-host Sara Haines, defended the comedienne by stating the picture shows that the LGBTQ community is 'just like us'.

"This is okay. This is normal. The good in this picture is important... This picture to me does more good than bad," Haines commented.

The other co-host seems to be on the fence about the picture. Paula Farris agreed that it was taken out of conduct but also states that she would feel intimated if a man did that to her. "I think if a guy did this, I think we would be all up in arms given the current environment, where we are finally as women coming forward... I just never think sexualizing or objectifying a woman is ever funny," Farris said.

"There will be times when there will be mistakes made, so there are times when we have to be diligent so we're not sucking up [innocent people]," Whoopi added.

Interestingly enough, Ellen recently spoke about her experience with sexual harassment, when she joined in on the 'me too' social media movement.

Could Ellen be paying the price for the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, and other men in the industry by being mistakenly judged?

Let us know your thoughts!

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