Tyrese Gibson: Will And Jada Smith Give Star $5 Million, Tell Him To Stay Offline

Tyrese has no shame in his game on Instagram. The star has been making headlines after he called out his Fast 9 co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and when he broke down about not seeing his daughter for months. Now he’s opened up about A-listers Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith giving him a significant amount of money during his time of need.

Tyrese revealed the news on Instagram Sunday night as he shared a series of photos of him, Will, and Jada.

“When we show UP for each-other there’s nothing that can’t be done I repeat nothing….,” he captioned.

He then revealed that his new wife didn’t tell him about Will and Jada’s gift because he had been dealing with lawyers all day. He’s currently in an ugly custody battle for his daughter Shayla. He has said in the past that he hasn’t seen her in months as his first wife and Shayla’s mother has accused Tyrese of physically abusing their child.

He then let his millions of followers know that Jada and Will had given them $5 million “to help keep us afloat.”

He then unveiled that the couple told Tyrese to “stay off the Internet” as they covered the legal fees for the battle for Shayla. He also pointed out this isn’t the first time the Smith family has “shown up” for his own family.

Interestingly enough, he disabled the comments for the post so fans couldn’t chime in and give their positive and/or negative opinions. Still, it might be safe to say Tyrese didn’t take Will and Jada’s advice. As of now, he’s posted at least six new posts since he revealed the $5 million gift. In one post he teased fans and told them to standby for something new as he pointed out his “bootleg” cover of Forbes magazine.

When ! was a kid in Watts ! use to notice that real MEN who was there for their kids was given a “cigar” at birth..... This ! didn’t understand cause my dad wasn’t there for me........ ! had to learn really fast what being a bully is - the first sign of a bully is for people to laugh at your dreams......... My Pastor Bishop Kenneth C Ulmer said son, haters have a job to do.... no one wants to be unemployed you must love then and embrace them TOO..... Cause believe it or not some of our best lessons will come from haters....... ! guess he was right......... Y’all remember the bootleg Forbes cover? Remember............ ? Standby God is up to something her name is #ShaylaGibson cause #ShaylaRocks Gn #AgapeLove it’s what @RevWon has been teaching me for 9 years..... A post shared by TYRESE (@tyrese) on Nov 6, 2017 at 3:56am PST

His latest post was just two hours ago that featured a man holding a baby girl.

“Monday! I hope and pray to dance again…. Father God! Love You for what’s seems to be already done!!!!” Tyrese said.

It’s not clear when Tyrese will be able to see his daughter as the details of the case have been kept pretty private — except for what Tyrese has exposed to the general public and his fans.

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