The Titans series from DC arrives next year and fans have a first look at Robin as one of the major characters played by Brenton Thwaites.

First Look At Brenton Thwaites As Robin

Fans have been waiting in anticipation to see their favorite DC Comics characters come to life in the upcoming live-action series ever since the show was greenlit earlier this year.

Although a live-action version of Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin was already previously seen, most notably in 1997 movie Batman and Robin. However, it appears the new live-action character in the superhero series will be unlike any other.

DC Entertainment has just released the first look of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales actor Brenton Thwaites as the boy wonder in the upcoming series. The image shows the 28-year-old actor in his Robin costume, holding his signature staff, as he stands half-shrouded in shadow against a cloudy background.

 Laura Jean Shannon, whose credits include The CW's upcoming Black Lightning series, Iron Man, The Jungle Book, and more, designed the suit.

DC's Team of 'Titans'

Thwaites' character of Grayson will lead a team of young heroes who are drawn from every corner of the DC universe. Grayson's team of Titans includes Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Starfire (Anna Diop), Dove (Minka Kelly), and Hawk (Alan Ritchson) among others.

The live-action series from executive producers Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, and Sarah Schechter will arrive next year. It will form part of the inaugural slate of Warner Bros. and DC's new digital streaming service, which will also launch sometime next year.

Robin Or Nightwing?

Grayson will play a central role in the upcoming series, but what remains unknown until now is whether he would be seen in his Robin persona or as the independent hero, Nightwing.

In the comics, Batman took a young Grayson under his wing after his parents were murdered. The duo worked together as a team to take down bad guys in Gotham City, but as he grew older the sidekick got tired of living in The Dark Knight's shadow. He left the identity of Robin behind to become Nightwing.

The general assumption so far is that Thwaites will be playing the role of Nightwing as the upcoming series features an adult version of the character. However, in the Teen Titans, the 1980s series from which Titans is adapted from, Grayson begins his Titans journey as Robin but becomes Nightwing shortly after.