Netflix Snatches Edges With New 'Black Mirror' Trailer


Since Thanksgiving weekend, Netflix took a page out of Beyonce's book of surprises and has been releasing Black Mirror episode trailers unsuspectingly. Needless to say, fans are simultaneously ecstatic and stunned by the show's fourth season's plots and cinematography.

The Latest Trailer

So far, the trailers that have been released for the six-episode season were "Arkangel," "Crocodile," "Black Museum," and "Hang the DJ." The latest trailer to be released is "Metalhead." The clip opens with an unidentified woman speaking into a walkie-talkie looking concerned. She tells the person(s) on the other end of the radio receiver that she can't talk for long because she and another person(s) found a dog at the warehouse. The woman doesn't identify who she's with but a man is seen in the warehouse, too. Though, it is not confirmed if he is one of her accomplices. After she speaks, a warehouse box tumbles down from a high shelf towards her and the woman screams. She eventually tells the people over the radio that she lost the dog "for now" and she believes it to be "operational," whatever that means.

The Metalhead Mystery

The trailer fast forwards to the woman running, opening a pocketknife, racing another car and nearly driving over a cliff. She is then seen opening a bedroom door that leads to a bed hosting two bodies. It is unclear if the bodies are alive or dead. The main character tells the people over the radio that if she doesn't make it back, she's "always loved them." In true Black Mirror fashion, fans are left puzzled when the trailer ends making them whisper "WTF" under their breath. The summary of the trailer is captioned: "Beware of Dogs," on Netflix's YouTube page.

Although one dog was seen throughout the trailer, perhaps the episode will focus on genetical animal testing or maybe the label of "dogs" is alluding to something or someone else. British actress Maxine Peake plays the woman in "Metalhead" and she is known for her notable roles in theatre, film, and television.

More Sensational Trailers And Plots

In previous seasons, Black Mirror has focused on issues such as death, parenting, social media ratings and post-traumatic stress disorder. The fourth season seems to push viewers to dig deeper into how the digital age hinders their personal lives as technology advances. For example, a previous trailer, titled, "Hang the DJ" depicts a couple who has been matched by a dating app. They appear to be on a date at an upscale restaurant. Aside from having the inevitable first date jitters, the couple seems dependent on the dating app. They ask it how long their first date should be and even how they should be intimate with one another. "Hang the DJ," plays on how humans seek to find "the perfect person" that they become co-dependent on digital apps and the advice of others to help them find their one and true soulmate.

Check out these crazy Black Mirror trailers; the fourth season is guaranteed to be lit!

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