Ali Levine Dishes On 'Stripped' Ahead Of Season 1 Premiere [Exclusive]


For 21 days, Ali Levine and her husband, Justin Jacaruso, were tested in an outlandish social experiment that required them to give up all of their possessions for 21 days.

Shockingly, Levine claims that she wasn't all that scared to sign on to appear on the sure-to-be-shocking new series and was excited to learn more about what was truly important to herself and her partner.

Enstarz: How terrified were you by the concept of the show?
Ali Levine: I wasn’t terrified I laughed that’s for sure and was like wait this is serious? I was shocked at how much I learned about myself and what I got out of being #stripped

EN: What was the most difficult aspect of being ‘Stripped’? 
Ali: Not having my clothes hands down, you think you’ll miss other things but no my clothing, my fashion sense was the hardest to handle not being there. I didn’t feel like myself, like Ali.

EN: What was the most fun aspect of the show?
Ali: The funniest aspect was how much we had to handle and challenges that came up daily while being stripped, we all take everything for granted cause we are used to having it. It’s like how do I eat this I don’t have utensils? How do I shower without a towel or shower curtain? Or being used to always having a warm bed. One of the funniest things was getting the couch back in pieces!! I didn’t even think it would be in pieces! That was insanity, but genius by my husband.

EN: How were you challenged as an individual?
Ali: I was challenged I think by having to let go of my glam self, and my “Ali style” who I am and how I present myself regularly. I was always taught by my grandma (who I call Dodo) & my Mom that you always fix your face before going out that’s part of being a lady.

EN: How was your relationship challenged?
Ali: My relationship was challenged in many ways. First, we had to really be a team and be there one another more than ever before. Secondly, choosing items and trying to make sure your partner was good. Justin was really good about making sure I was comfortable and ok. I think the whole experience made us so much closer. Having no distractions alone, and having hard conversations and real marriage convo’s was something we really had to dive into, especially me.

EN: What item did you think you would need the most?
Ali: My clothing. I needed more than anything. I did not do well being exposed, naked. I did not feel free like some people say you may feel. Again, I just didn’t feel like myself.

EN: What item was actually the most important to get back?
Ali: I think clothing was one of the most important, also I think Justin choosing the couch was a major mood changer and a game changer for our 21-day journey.

Don't miss Ali Levine and the rest of the cast in the series premiere of Stripped tonight, Dec. 5 at 10 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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