It’s no secret Dr. Jackie Walters’ Married to Medicine co-stars had lots to say about her husband, Curtis Berry’s infidelity that has aired on the Bravo series. Now, fans know what Walters thinks about the cast members’ comments on her love life.

Dr. Jackie Reacts To Co-Stars' Responses To Husband's Infidelity

During an interview with the network, Walters said that considering the nature of their friendships, she was not too shocked that not only her co-stars but also their husbands made comments on Berry’s cheating scandal. Berry was outed when photos of him and another woman made headlines over the summer. The incident happened just three weeks before taping for the fifth season of the show began, so, it has been a major part of the show since then.

Walters continued and said what she did find “shocking” was the “double standard” that many had when sharing their thoughts on the ordeal. She pointed out that the men on the show made it clear they would not stand for their wives stepping out and cheating on them, especially in the public eye.

However, when it came to Berry, they said the wives and Walters should go easy on him because he’s a good guy who made a mistake.

“For the woman, she should get over it,” said Walters of the guys’ perspectives. “She should forgive. She should fix it.”

Dr. Jackie Talks Walking In Her Shoes

As for what her co-stars said they would do in her position, some said they would stay, others said they would leave in a heartbeat, Walters said they simply don’t understand. She categorized it as just talk and pointed out they have not been in that situation, so there’s no telling what they would actually do if they were confronted with something like this.

Fans saw the fallout between Walters and Berry on the most recent seasons of the series. They often disagreed over Walters’ hectic work life as a physician and Walters’ desire to not have any children. Things went extremely left for the couple last season when it wasn’t clear if they would make it. Unfortunately, it took another turn for the worst when the photos surfaced over the summer.

Walters has said she filed for divorce three days after finding out about the snapshots. She still has not decided, however, if she’s going to try to work on her marriage or move on without Berry.

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