The eighth season of Shameless has shown the Gallaghers more focused on turning over a new leaf rather than going back to their old ways to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, making money and building a better life comes with a price and it seems that one of the Gallaghers is going to learn that the hard way.

On last night's episode of Shameless, fans saw the war between Fiona and Ian growing more intensely, Frank obtaining a credit card and a vehicle, and Kev and V may be facing marital problems again.

Frank: The All American Hero

Frank continues to make the best out of his life. The patriarch of the Gallaghers gets promoted as the employee of the month and scores his first, legit credit card. While his other children still are in disbelief of Frank's path to self-righteousness, his youngest son Liam, is proud of his old man.

This becomes more evident when Fank purchases a new vehicle legally and takes Liam for some father-son bonding time and pick up some ho's ho's (the snack cake). However, Frank's happiness is busted when he learns he's being let go due to cutbacks.

Although hurt, Frank decides this is only a temporary setback and is confident to find a better job. Hopefully, this doesn't knock Frank off the redeeming path he has been fighting to stay on.

Team Fiona or Team Ian

Like many debates throughout history, everyone will always choose a side. In this case, it's Gallagher vs. Gallagher and this ugly sibling battle will probably end with disastrous results.

Since the first season of Shameless, Fiona has been the rock of the family. She's sacrificed school, relationships, money, and pretty much her life for her siblings. Now that's she gotten a taste of what success and freedom are, the eldest Gallagher sibling refuses to let anything or anyone come in between that, including her brother.

Ian is more sympathetic, he sees what the streets and poverty can do to young children and is determined to give the "at risk" youth a safe environment to call home. Since his sister swindled her way into making sure the church was purchased by painters, the two siblings have barely spoken to each other.

After finding one of her tenants dead in their apartment and fearing dying alone, Fiona wants to make amends with Ian, which Ian coldly rebuffs. Ian doesn't even recognize the person his sister has become and made it clear he wants nothing to do with it.

Kev's Escapades

Despite Svetlana taking Kev and V's bar and their money, the three become a "thruple'" again. Kev becomes jealous of Svetlana's ability to pleasure V in ways he can't. Kev, in retaliation, decides he wants to be gay and looks for a man to sleep with.

This is a hilarious escapade that shows Kev even asking Ian if he finds him attractive. After several failed attempts, Svetlana suggests Kev hook up with a hot guy at the bar. Kev gives it a try but learns that he isn't a gay man. When he goes back to V defeated over his attempt to make her jealous, the couple talks about V's discovery to why she's attracted to Svetlana.

V likes to be dominated, according to Fiona. Upon this new discovery, Kev promises to be more dominating so he can satisfy his wife. This could, more or less, be another disaster waiting to happen, but it also further proves why Kev is truly the heart of the show.

Lip's Good Deed

Lip is trying his best to help his fallen mentor, Brad. Even though everyone else has given up on Brad, Lip is determined to help his friend. "If Brad can't make it, what chance do I have?" Lip stated.

After pleading with Brad's girlfriend and mother of his son to help track Brad's phone, Lip finds Brad, drunk and sleeping in a stairwell of a building. Lip forcefully makes Brad sober and own up to his responsibilities.

It seems that Lip is slowly becoming the mentor he needed a few seasons ago. Even though Brad tried his best to clean up his act, his girlfriend wouldn't take him back and it leaves Brad in tears.

Other mentionable subplots include Debbie on a 36-hour mission to look for the morning-after-pill to avoid having another child and Carl continuing his rehab program for junkies.

Shameless Season 8 airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.