'Jump Street's' Channing Tatum Stays Busy, Says Audiences Have ADD


Channing Tatum, who stars in the newly released "21 Jump Street," has been in 16 movies in the past five years, but says he wants to keep "grinding it out" for a few more years before slowing down and taking on more serious roles.

Tatum, 31, spoke of his career strategy in an interview with New York Times.

"I know you can't make decisions about your career out of fear," he said. "When people in this business start doing that, it leads them back to nowheresville."

Tatum has stayed busy.

"Taking a break is a problem because audiences today have attention-deficit disorder," he said. "They forget you quickly or get tired of seeing you do one thing quickly. You've got to be in there swinging all the time."

The actor is also interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of making movies. He's an executive producer on "Jump Street."

"Part of why I want to produce is to develop characters that follow a template of those that I love from cinema history," he said. The article notes some examples of the variety of films he has watched, including "Cool Hand Luke," "Requiem for a Dream" and "Legends of the Fall."

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