James Franco should be celebrating his recent Golden Globe win. Instead the actor has been the latest celebrity to be outed for alleged sexual misconduct.

After St. Elmo's Fire actress, Ally Sheedy, accused the actor of sexually harassing her, five more women have come out against Franco, accusing him of sexual exploitative and inappropriate behavior.

Franco's Fall From Grace

The Pineapple Express actor visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Jan. 6, 2018 where he dispelled Sheedy's accusation against him. The actor stated that he would "take responsibility for anything he has done" and "does not want to want to shut down anyone's voice."

"If I have done something wrong, I will fix it -- I have to," Franco stated.

Following his appearance on the show, five women, four of whom were students he and one who claimed he was her mentor, came out and accused the actor of sexual misconduct. One woman, Sarah Tither-Kaplan, stated during an interview with The Times that she felt Franco "abused his power" while teaching the students.

Tither-Kaplan was also one of the women who publicly slammed Franco during the Golden Globes ceremony where he received the Best Actor award for his performance in The Disaster Artist.  

Hey James Franco, nice #timesup pin at the #GoldenGlobes , remember a few weeks ago when you told me the full nudity you had me do in two of your movies for $100/day wasn't exploitative because I signed a contract to do it? Times up on that!

- Sarah Tither-Kaplan (@sarahtk) January 8, 2018

Cute #TIMESUP pin James Franco. Remember the time you pushed my head down in a car towards your exposed penis & that other time you told my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17? After you had already been caught doing that to a different 17 year old? - Violet Paley (@VioletPaley) January 8, 2018

Two other women, who have chosen to remain anonymous, claimed that the Spring Breakers actor would become furious when the female students whom he asked to remove their tops would refuse.

Franco's attorney, Michael Plonsker, has spoken for his client stating that he denies these new allegations, referencing back to Franco's statements on The Late Show.  

Franco is one of the few men in the entertainment industry that have recently been accused of a sex crime. Veteran actors Ben Vereen and Albert Schultz and comic book legend Stan Lee have all began the new year facing allegations.