On Thursday's episode of Will & Grace, the reboot continued to tie up loose ends by bringing back more fan-favorite guest stars and providing emotional yet entertaining storylines. In the tenth episode, The Wedding, Will's ex-boyfriend, Vince (Bobby Cannavale), returns with a startling revelation and Jack hooks up with a cop who's hiding he's a gay man. 

The One That Got Away

Just like Grace, Will has a decent friendship with his ex. Vince and Will occasionally get together for breakfast, which happens during this episode. While the two enjoy their breakfast, Vince drops the bombshell that he's tying the knot with his current partner. Will is shocked but tries to recover and plays off that he's happy for Vince, when in reality he's devastated.

Will and Vince broke up after five years together because Vince didn't want to marry Will. Grace convinces Will not to go to the wedding but he ends up changing his mind and shows up with the intent of asking Vince the real reason why they broke up.

After the ceremony, Vince asks Will to join him and his new husband in a picture, and Will begins to pick at how to make the picture perfect, which bothers Vince. Vince argues with Will about his need to always nag and pick at everything, which leads to him admitting he broke up with Will because he felt Will "didn't like him." Will becomes saddened by this and while everyone toasts the new couple, Will gets up and makes a speech but ends up picking at himself.

Grace gets up to try and make Will feel better and also remembers to toast the couple. The two go back and forth, and of course Jack uses the opportunity to out a police officer he just hooked up with.

Vince cuts off the toasts by apologizing to Will for what he said and stating his love for Will was real and that he will always be "the one that got away."

Later in the bathroom, Vince confronts Will and asks him if marrying his new partner is the right thing. Will reassures Vince that he's doing the right thing. The two hug, with Vince telling Will that even though the two never married, Will is his ex-husband.

Elsewhere, Jack meets a short cop named Officer Drew at the wedding whom he fools around with, only to discover that the cop is married to Vince's "funny" female cousin. Officer Drew also ends up falling in love with Jack after their rendezvous, which Jack hilariously dismisses as gay people don't do that until after they date. Nonetheless, Jack continues to hook up with Officer Drew and the two get caught in the bathroom by Will and Vince.

Karen is engaging in a scavenger hunt with Ivanka Trump over the phone that she ends up winning by stealing a police officer's badge. Grace catches her and instead of outing her friend, Grace lets it slide when Karen reminds Grace she caught her eating a whole tray of tacos at the wedding.

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