Diddy may already be a father to five kids, but he isn't done just yet! 

During an interview with the popular morning show The Breakfast Club, the entrepreneur revealed that he wouldn't mind having more kids with his longtime girlfriend Cassie

Diddy stated that he loves children and that he was trying to get 10, if possible. 

When he was really pressured about whether or not he would really have more kids, he told The Breakfast Club that he could go to eight with no problem. 

"Whatever is supposed to happen in the future is going to happen, but that's something that I want," Diddy said

Diddy is currently the father to Justin Dior Combs, Christian Casey Combs, Chance Combs, and twins Jessie James Combs and D'Lila Star Combs.  

The music mogul's reason for wanting to be a father again probably stem from how well all of his kids turned out. 

Diddy explained that when it comes to celebrity families, things can get a little weird, but he's so proud of them and said he has enjoyed watching them grow. 

The Power Couple 

Diddy has made it clear that he doesn't have eyes for anyone but recording artist Cassie, which is why some fans agree with him that the two should start having kids. 

In 2012, Diddy and Cassie made their relationship public, but sources claim that the two began dating way back in 2007 after Cassie released her self-titled debut album with Bad Boy Records. 

In September 2017, rumors surfaced that the two were engaged when Cassie took to Instagram to post a photo of herself rocking a huge diamond ring. 

"Did I make it obvious? Did it make it clear?" Cassie wrote. 

Although neither of the two has confirmed the engagement, if it is true, it should come as no surprise considering how long they have been together. 

Diddy Gives Back 

When Diddy isn't too busy being a father and making sure that his queen is well taken care of, he's busy taking care of the community. 

According to Rolling Stone, the rapper recently donated $200,000 to the Suubi Health "Hope" Health Care Center in Uganda. The donation will reportedly go toward improving women's healthcare. 

Sources say that rapper French Montana inspired him to join the movement after he started the initiative in partnership with nonprofit organizations. Montana as well as The Weeknd have made generous donations of $100,000 each to the cause. 

The $400,000 from all three parties will reportedly go toward maternity facilitates, including a prenatal care clinic, a birth house, ambulance, and more. 

When asked why he didn't hesistate to join the movement, The Four co-host stated that he feels it's important to give back and be an agent of change.