The crazy Gallagher ride is coming to an end as Season 8 will debut its final episode on Jan. 28. While many Shameless fans will be saddened to see their favorite dysfunctional family go, it has been reported that the Showtime drama will be back for another season.

Since that will be a little while from now, let's take a look at what will happen in the Season 8 finale!

(Spoiler Alert)

Fiona Gets Dirty

Fiona has tried her best to leave her "shameless" traits behind by building a new life for herself. Fiona became the owner of Patsy's and also a landlord, all while slowly gaining her independence from her family.

All of this could go out the window after she gets bit in the butt for a good deed that's gone wrong. Fiona let a man named Rodney and his family stay in the vacant apartment in her building after Rodney lost his job when he fell off the roof of her building.

The family refused to leave and even held her dog, Rusty, hostage. Fiona has lawyer-ed up and will do anything to get the family off her premises and out of her life. But at what cost? Fiona may have to go back to her old scheming ways to rid herself this family.

What Will Lip Choose?

Meanwhile, Lip seems to have his hands full while still trying to recover from his addiction to alcohol. His ex-girlfriend, Sierra, is making her way back into his life after ending things with her baby daddy, Charlie. Lip also became her knight and shining armor after getting her father, who killed her mother, thrown back in jail.

According to the synopsis for the finale, Lip will "make a decision" that will determine the life he wants. Will it be with Sierra and her son or will he continue to have random hook-ups?

Ian On The Run?

On the previous episode of Shameless, Ian and his followers were seen setting a van on fire after tricking Blake's father into leaving his van unattended so that they could teach the father a lesson. The show's creator teased that Ian's storyline will end "explosively" during the finale and fans will be "pissed." Will Ian end up in jail, or worse, because of his actions?

Crazy Kassidi

Carl was on the right path until he met his future wife, Kassidi. Now the two are joined at the hip, literally. Kassidi refuses to let Carl go back to military school and has gone to drastic measures to do so. In the finale, Carl will "find a way" to go back to school without upsetting his wife, which will probably end up badly.

Frank Probably Won't Change

Also according to the synopsis, Frank will "trick" his son Liam into mooching off of his rich friend. Frank seemed to have changed this season by getting a job, paying for a phone, and even giving his kids somewhat helpful advice.

After Frank lost his job, the patriarch of the family went back to his old scheming habits and pulled his youngest child into the horrible plans. This could only end in disaster for the two but we will have to see!

Shameless airs on Sunday, Jan. 28, at 9 p.m. EST.