In true Shameless fashion, the penultimate episode before the finale sends fans on a rollercoaster with thought-provoking moments that will leave you wanting more. In the episode "A Gallagher Pedicure," Carl and his new bride enjoy the physical aspects of marriage, Ian continues his crusade to save condemned gay teens, and Fiona gets bit in the butt for doing a good deed.

Ian Gallagher: Man on Fire

Ian is continuing his "ministry" at the Church of Gay Jesus that has led him to become an internet star. Crowds of teens wait to see him as he enters the church. One of them is a teenage boy named Blake, who states his family is trying to kidnap and convert him. Blake's family finds him and throws him in a minivan, which Ian is alerted of. Ian rushes off to save him by lying in front of the vehicle. Blake's father gives up for the moment and lets the teen out of the van, which makes Ian once again look like the savior.

Blake's father returns to speak to Ian about saving his son. He claims that they're not bigots, saying they're just concerned their son is using drugs and prostituting his body. When Ian speaks to Blake, Blake claims his family is lying and that they put him on medication because they think he's mentally ill. This makes Ian devise a plan to teach Blake's family a lesson. 

Blake's dad returns for him. Ian uses Blake as bait. While the father is away from his van, Ian and his followers set his van on fire, with Ian chanting, "We will not be victims." This probably won't end well, considering Ian committed a criminal act. We'll have to wait until the season finale to see the repercussions of Ian's actions.

Fiona's "Tenants"

Fiona's good deed is giving her more grief as the family of the injured worker, Rodney, are still in her vacant apartment and have taken her dog hostage. In addition, Fiona is also being sued for Rodney's accident. While her insurance company checks out the scene from the accident, they inform Fiona that she is covered for up to $500,000 dollars, but Rodney is not.

Fiona decides to hire a lawyer, who doesn't help her much, which leads to Fiona taking matters into her own hand. With the help of her new lover, Ford, Fiona boards up the apartment's front door, blasts music, shuts off the plumbing, and creates a hole so she can retrieve her dog. Another day in the life of a landlord that should not be messed with. 

Lip Loves Sierra

Sierra texts Lip at 2 in the morning asking if he's awake. When Lip goes outside to meet with Sierra, she reveals to Lip that her father Eddie, who killed her mother, is out on parole and she's terrified to be alone. Lip takes Sierra and her son Charlie back into the house with him and they spend the night.

The following day Sierra elaborates on how her father killed her mother. Apparently, Sierra's father beat her mother to death when she was ten years old. Sierra had to testify against her father and she's heartbroken that he's a free man.

Lip volunteers to go back to Sierra's apartment to retrieve her things but instead ventures off to find Sierra's father. Lip locates Eddie at a halfway house where Lip taunts Eddie into hitting him. Eddie hits Lip and the incident is recorded by Eddie's niece, which sends Eddie right back to prison. Lip returns back home to tell Sierra the good news and Sierra repays Lip for removing her father out of her life. 

Other honorable mentions

Kev and V's mission to "pimp out" Svetlana to some rich sugar daddy is still unsuccessful. Their plan backfires at a hotel when a man, whom Kev mistakenly thought wanted Svetlana, asks to sleep with V for $4,000. Svetlana decides to go off on her own and asks her former protege, Frelania, how she landed her husband. Frelania continues to humiliate Svetlana by taunting her, calling her a "whore."

The next scene shows Svetlana carrying a large garbage bag with presumably Frelania's body in it. Kev askes Svetlana if Frelania is dead, to which Svetlana replies, "I don't believe she's dead yet".

Carl continues to enjoy married life, the sex part of it at least, as he and Kassidi have sex every chance they get. Kassidi wants to know more about her husband so he shows the streets he grew up in, which she documents on her Snapchat and Instagram.

While the rest of the family don't agree with Carl's decision, Frank couldn't be more proud of his second youngest son -- not because Carl's in love but because Kassidi has a lot of money.

Frank spends majority of the episode trying to find a way to retire without working and brings his youngest son, Liam, with him for more "get rich quick schemes."

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