Kylie Jenner 'Worried About New People Around The Baby’, Not Getting A Nanny

Kylie Jenner still hasn't confirmed her pregnancy but it appears the reality star has her mind set on a few things already for the baby.

According to a source for PEOPLE, Kylie hasn't hired a nanny, wanting instead her mom and sisters to help out with the baby.

"She is worried about new people around the baby," added the source.

Should she decide not to get outside help, Kylie would still be in good hands and that's because the Kardashian brood has a lot of baby experience for her to tap into. Kris, of course, would have the most to share while Kourtney and Kim are moms to three. Khloe is also pregnant, so she offers a different kind of support as someone in the same boat as Kylie.

Pregnancy Under 'Extreme Privacy'

"Kylie is so excited about becoming a mother, but it's not lost on her that she's not your average 20-year-old," said a source for Entertainment Tonight.

To this end, Kylie is reportedly building a compound where she can continue with extreme privacy after she gives birth. The reality star has been keeping away from the spotlight since rumors of her pregnancy broke out. According to ET's source, she's been doing so because she felt it was irresponsible to glamorize her pregnancy. She's making an active effort to separate her career from her personal life.

Is It Or Is It Not A Girl?

Without official word on her pregnancy, anything Kylie does is left to interpretation. In the case of her baby's gender, for instance, the general consensus is that she's having a girl, with Kylie showcasing an obsession with pink over the past months.

Even her Christmas tree followed a pink motif. Then in early January, Kylie sent her family a box of pink donuts, driving fans to further conclude she is indeed having a baby girl.

Travis Scott Relationship

Kylie had ups and downs with Tyga before their split and it looks like she's having the same kind of trouble with also-rapper Travis Scott, her baby daddy. She got together with Scott shortly after breaking things off with Tyga.

Scott hasn't exactly been "Boyfriend of the Year" material either, with rumors circulating the net that he cheated on her. In fact, it got so bad that Kanye West had to step in and set him aside, telling him to "step it up big time" for Kylie.

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