Rose McGowan, the most vocal out of all of Harvey Weinstein's accusers, has revealed another man in Hollywood who allegedly sexually abused her. The actress recently spoke with journalist Ronan Farrow, to whom she opened up about her accusations against Weinstein and the other man who took advantage of her.

Rose's Fight Continues

During the 90-minute interview, McGowan recalled the incident in which she was molested by a powerful man in Hollywood. McGowan stated that at that time, she was 15 years old and wasn't even aware that she had been sexually assaulted.

"This man picked me up when I was 15 years old. He took me home after he met me and he showed me a soft porn movie he had made for Showtime, under a different name. And then he had sex with me," McGowan stated. 

McGowan did not name the attacker, however she did state that it wasn't until after Farrow's story broke out about Weinstein that McGowan realized she was molested by that man,

"That creep did this to a 15-year-old. It was not until two weeks after your story broke -- our story, our world's story -- that I was in bed and I started saying, 'Oh my god. I think that's molestation," she continued.

McGowan ended the interview by stating that she is just not defending herself but also speaking for those who have endured abuse in their lives.

"I survived. I have had to protect myself. I live between worlds, not in yours and not in theirs. There is no soft spot right now. There is no soft space to land." 

The actress has made several guest appearances in television shows including The View and The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert, where she elaborated more on the abuse she suffered from Weinstein and promoted her new book, Brave, and her latest docu-series, Citizen Rose.

McGowan has also spoken against her former Charmed co-star, Alyssa Milano, for her relationship with Weinstein's ex-wife, Georgina Chapman, and slammed the #MeToo movement.

The Scream star also spoke out against Weinstein's latest ploy to try and debunk her allegation by using an email from actor Ben Affleck and her former manager, who both allegedly claim they had no recollection of McGowan's accusations. 

Farrow is the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. Allen is also currently facing a sexual abuse allegation from his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. Allen and Farrow have been estranged for years.