Celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom, is currently representing Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky. Eggert and Polinsky were child stars on the 80's sitcom, Charles in Charge, with Happy Days alum, Scott Baio.

In 2018, Eggert came out with allegations against Baio stating that he molested her when she was 14 years old. Eggert alleged that the abuse continued until she was 17 years old, and following that, Baio became physically violent toward her.

During a live press conference, Polinsky stated that Baio sexually harassed him when he was 11 years old. The former child star stated Baio has exposed his genitals to him and taunted him about his sexuality. Polinksy claimed that Baio repeatedly called him a faggot and told him no woman would ever love him. Since the allegations, Baio has vehemently denied these claims and has even stated that he has proof that Eggert and Polinksy are "lying."

Enstars has spoken to Bloom who has shed more light on the current scandal and what's next for her clients.

As previously reported, Eggert has filed an official report against Baio after bringing her allegations to light. According to Bloom, following the live press conference Eggert and Polinsky gave on Wednesday, Feb. 14, both actors are "opened to all options" but are not looking to "sue" Baio after the police have finished their investigation.

Bloom has also stated that contrary to what Baio has denied, Eggert has received phone calls from Baio since the accusations hit multiple outlets.

"My client (Nicole) has received a number phone calls from his number placed to her, however he never said anything on the end," Bloom told Enstars. Bloom has also stated that Polinsky decided to come forward with his allegations after seeing Eggert being "beat up" by the media after she shared her side of the story.

"Alexander wanted to come forward after seeing Nicole continuously getting beat up in the media, but he also had his own story that he wanted to share. He did reach out to Nicole first, but after a period of time he decided that he [Polinsky] was ready," Bloom continued.  

Bloom also reiterated that Eggert was abused by Baio "once a week" while she was a teen and that they are not paying close attention to anything Baio is saying, as Baio demeaning and insulting Eggert and Polinsky is uncalled for.

Baio's representatives came forward during a live press conference where they stated that they will be seeking legal action against Polinksy and Eggert after the police investigation has concluded.