Mike Fisher does not take rumors of his impending divorce from wife Carrie Underwood lightly. The NFL star is setting the record straight.

Taking Charge

Reports have been circulating that Fisher's relationship with his wife of eight years is on the rocks. The 37-year-old athlete felt the pressure to defend his marriage after an Instagram post was taken the wrong way by fans.

Fisher shared a passage from the Bible that was read by many as a cry for help. The psalm in question asks God for assistance with anxious thoughts.

"I need this reminder daily!" Fisher wrote.

Published on Sunday, the post soon racked up over 22,000 comments from worried fans, many of whom interpreted it as Fisher possibly being tempted to cheat on his wife.

"Praying for you and Carrie. Ignore the media! Hold tight to each other. There are always bumps in the road. Keep focusing on Jesus!" wrote one concerned user.

However, rather than keep shtum, as many stars in his position have done and will continue to do, Fisher immediately shot the suggestion down.

"That's not media. We've never been better. Thanks," he replied simply.

It's a welcome change from the usual merry-go-round of gossip-mongering that goes on in relation to long-married couples in Hollywood.

It was refreshing to see Fisher take charge of the narrative and set the record straight in real time, rather than waiting to make a public statement that could easily be misinterpreted.

Never Been Better

Sports star Fisher and country icon Underwood were wed in a fairy tale wedding in 2010. The two welcomed a son, named Isaiah Michael Fisher, in March 2015.

They may be actively looking to add to their brood, if a source close to the couple is to be believed.

"Everyone around her knows she wants a big family, and they're always trying for another baby," the source told Us Weekly.

However, Fisher recently announced he's returning to play for the Nashville Predators after a five-month retirement, so he may be focusing on career for the moment. He even thanked Underwood for her support upon making the big announcement.

Either way, the blissfully married couple are in it for the long haul. Fisher was instrumental in Underwood's recovery when she fell last November, breaking her wrist and needing 40 stitches in her face. She noted on social media at the time that he was the best husband ever.

"Carrie and Mike have a great life and a very strong marriage — one that their friends envy. They are completely committed to each other and in it for the long run," a source confirmed.