Stranger Things Season 3 Could Get At Least 3 New Characters

Netflix original series Stranger Things will be debuting its third season, and new characters are revealed to join the regular ones.

Reports said that the names of the new characters are more likely temporary placeholders and are most likely to change as the production continues.

Politician, Reporter, And Grandma

The Golden Globe-winning TV show is casting a male character aged 40 to 60 years fit for the role of Mayor Larry Kline. As per the description leak, the mayor is an '80s-style politician who has personal vested interest in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Fans will also find it interesting that a character like that of Mayor Larry Kline could signify that problems have escalated to reach persons in the government. From where Stranger Things have ended in the last season, it is possible that Mayor Kline could serve as an envoy to back up Upside Down energy experiments at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Leaked reports also hinted that Bruce would be a morally compromised reporter who is likely to antagonize Murray Bauman. Bauman, played by Brett Gelman, is the private investigator who is lurking to unravel the truth behind the town's supernatural phenomena.

Another potential addition to the Stranger Things 3 cast is Patricia Brown, a 70-something old lady who will always be seen tending to her garden. It is not yet clear how Patricia's role will make an impact on the storyline as recent reports suggest there is a possibility that she will turn out to be a conspiracist against the kids.

Kali's Back

Stranger Things, the hit series combining Steven Spielberg's directing skills and Stephen King's thriller plots, will resume its production in March or April of this year. It is expected that brand new episodes will not be released until next year.

It is still certain what the third season will be about. However, critics said the next couple of episodes will most likely bring more action-packed scenes and mystery revelations.

The Duffer Brothers also ascertained they will not make a spinoff of Kali's story, but it is likely the creators are looking to revive the character on the show.

As for the number of episodes, Cinema Blend wrote there could be at least eight episodes similar to the first season. It is reported that the creators are less likely to focus on Kali's story, but it is certain the third season will see more of her.

Stranger Thing Season 3 is expected to air in Netflix in 2019.

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