Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are rarely seen with together but according to a new report, the couple is still going strong.

Although Swift and Alwyn have done a good job keeping their relationship far away from the prying eye of the public and the media, it hasn't always been easy for Swift to keep their romance on the downlow. After all, she's made a habit of being quite public about her past relationships. 

Following a number of appearances in the United States at the end of last year during the time Swift was promoting her new album, Reputation, an insider claims she has traveled back to the UK where Alwyn lives with his family.

"Taylor has been in the UK a LOT more than people know," an insider explained to E! News on Feb. 27. "She has the entire routine down pat now."

Making things easier on Swift is the fact that her mega success allows her to fly private and avoid having to deal with the paparazzi who are often stationed outside of airport terminals. Swift also reportedly continues to stay under cover at airports by hiring a nondescript "blacked-out car" to take her straight to Alwyn's family home in north London.

As the E! News source explained, Swift can be in England frequently but "people just won't see her."

"Unless you're part of her inner circle, you wouldn't know when she is or isn't here," the source continued, adding that the pop star "barely leaves a trace" and spends the majority of her time at Alwyn's home.

While beginning to date Swift may have been a pretty major ordeal for Alwyn, he seems to have adjusted to being the boyfriend of a major celebrity. His family, including Patrick Alwyn and Thomas Alwyn, approves of their romance.

"Taylor's met all of Joe's family. They've done many a Sunday roast together — in fact it happens without fail if she's here over a weekend—and they seem very comfortable around her," the insider said. "His brothers all seem to be fans of them together as they've hung out with Taylor and Joe on several occasions."

Swift and Alwyn were first seen together in New York City in late 2016 but didn't go public with their romance until the following year after being spotted on Swift's private plane together numerous times.