Pamela Anderson reflected on her wild life and recalled her experiences at the Playboy mansion in a candid interview. The actress also talked about the proposals from Sylvester Stallone and Vladimir Putin.

Playboy Mansion

Anderson said that she has witnessed a lot of craziness at the Playboy mansion. She remembered that Hugh Hefner had a lot of women around. She remembered the TV screens at the mansion showing Hefner doing crazy things with women and baby oil.

The 50-year-old especially remembered one visit to the mansion during the 1980s. She saw naked women at the grotto who were called to Hefner's bedroom for an orgy.

"I followed them upstairs. I thought, 'What could be going on up here?' Seven girls, one at a time with Hef," Anderson revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

The former Baywatch star recalled standing at the end of the bed watching the women and Hefner. Then she realized that they were watching her too. At that moment, she had the urge to leave the mansion.

"I thought, 'This is not a movie. I need to leave,' " Anderson added.

However, the mother-of-two only had praises for the deceased Hefner, who died at the age of 91 in September 2017. Anderson said he was charming and a true gentleman. She called him a pioneer who loved and empowered women.

"He was very forward-thinking and created his own life. Nobody could copy him. It was nothing salacious. I thought it was very innocent," Anderson told Morgan.

The former Playboy magazine model also revealed that Hefner acted as her protector when she encountered sexual harassment in Hollywood. Anderson remembered having men offer her money in exchange for sex. She would always call Hefner for help and he would always back her up. She also recalled Harvey Weinstein was a bully when she talked with him on the phone, although Weinstein's rep denied the phone conversation happened.

Romantic Proposals

In the same interview, Anderson talked about two men who showed an interest in her — actor Sylvester Stallone and Russian president Vladimir Putin. About Stallone, the actress revealed that he offered her a Porsche and a condo to be his number one girl. She declined the offer.

Anderson recalled Putin asking her to attend his presidential inauguration in 2012. He asked her to come and bring him flowers which she did not do. However, Anderson played coy when pressed if she had a romantic relationship with the president.

"I have a great relationship with Russia. Yes," she replied.

Anderson is currently in a happy relationship with French footballer Adil Rami. She was previously married to Kid Rock, Rick Salomon, and Tommy Lee, whom she shares sons Brandon (21) and Dylan (20).