Nothing beats watching a show than watching it in your favorite place. For Michael Shannon, who stars in Shape of Water, that means witnessing Oscars at a Chicago dive bar.

Far from Sunday's Oscars where celebrities dressed to impress, the star of the lauded Shape of Water chose to watch the event at a small-screen television in Old Town Ale House. What's more is that the idiot box had no sound, so Shannon had to read subtitles in order to know what's happening.

A photo was taken by Bruce Elliott, the bar's owner, and was uploaded on Twitter. It showed Shannon cozy in a black jacket sitting in front of the TV and holding a glass of beer.

"Michael Shannon watching the film he starred in, Shape of Water, win best picture while sitting in the Old Town Ale House. No sound on the TV, just sub-titles," Elliott wrote.

Nonetheless, his film Shape of Water had won big in the Oscars, nabbing the Best Picture award, beating Get Out, Lady Bird, Darkest Hour, Call Me By Your Name, Phantom Thread, Dunkirk, The Post, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. As Shannon's colleagues rise to their sits to rush to the stage to get the coveted award, he was sitting comfortably in one of his favorite bar in his hometown.

Understandable Reason?

Of course, missing out on the Oscars was not intentional. After all, he is one of the major cast, playing the antagonist Strickland. Shannon simply had a fair and justifiable reason on why he wasn't able to attend the glamorous awards night.

He was in Chicago for a directing stint for the play Traitor, which closed coincidentally on Sunday at A Red Orchid Theatre. The place is just a walk away from the Old Town Ale House. Additionally, Shannon is a member of the theatre since its start in 1993 and has been coming back, getting involved in the theater every now and then.

It should be noted that he had attended last year's Oscars when he was nominated for Best Supporting actor for Nocturnal Animals. This year, apart from Best Picture, Shape of Water won Best Director for Guillermo del Toro and Best Original Music Score.

For his action, Shannon was lauded. Some cited the 43-year-old did not let the fame change him throughout the years. Others hailed the actor for upholding his humble beginnings and staying low-key despite his status.

"I don't recall ever seeing a picture that so vividly expresses acting in Chicago, and refusing to let Hollywood change you," penned Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune writer, about the photo.