Oprah Finally Explains Why The Public Hardly Ever Sees Her Longtime Boyfriend Stedman Graham

Oprah Winfrey opened up about why she often rocks the red carpet solo, although the media icon is still going strong with her longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham.

Their Adorable History

While the two are one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, they are also one of the most private as Graham with Winfrey are hardly ever seen out and about. It should be noted the two have been together for more than 30 years after their relationship first sparked in 1986. Graham popped the question to Winfrey back in November 1992 but they never married as Winfrey made it clear they would not have lasted as husband and wife. They first met at a philanthropic event in their hometown of Chicago.

How Maya Angelou Played A Part

Still, it’s safe to say all is good in their household as Winfrey revealed why she makes more appearances without him. She said in an interview that she is shielding Graham from the public, especially after lies were reported in headlines a few years ago.

According to Winfrey, the late poet Maya Angelou was an encouraging force to her as she tried to tell Winfrey not to pay attention to what was being written about her.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Winfrey said Angelou told her.

Instead, Angelou said it had more to do with the person actually writing the story, a factor she said was all the more reason for Winfrey to ignore the negativity.

Still, Winfrey has decided to protect Graham by not going out with him as much.

“I realized that every time there’s a new photograph, there is a new story,” said Winfrey. “It’s an invitation.”

Who Is Stedman Graham?

Considering her private life with Graham, not much is known about him. What we do know is that he’s actually got a name for himself outside of nicknames like “Oprah’s boyfriend” and “Mr. Oprah.” He’s a New York Times best-selling author after penning 11 books from motivational to business and he also has a degree in social work.

Graham is also father to daughter Wendy, 42, from a previous marriage. As of June 2015, he’s a grandfather as well to Wendy’s daughter. A fun fact: he's 6-foot-7.

Just like much of America, Graham wants Winfrey to run for President. Still, as for his own career, he worked in public relations with a racial activism concentration and has had a prominent clientele such as Angelou and Winnie Mandela. He is currently the CEO of a company he founded, Leadership Institute of Chicago and Athletes Against Drugs. He is also the founder and COO of S. Graham & Associates which is a marketing and consulting firm.

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