It looks like Jhené Aiko fans love more than just her music. They seem to have a serious obsession with her skin, too! But it makes sense -- her skin is impeccable!

Those who follow the "While We're Young" singer on Instagram know that she continuously floods newsfeeds with her flawless selfies.

Well, Aiko has finally dropped the gems that help her achieve her seemingly perfect complexion and she didn't hesitate to keep it real about the process.

On Wednesday, March 7, the soul singer posted a photo of herself on her Instagram as usual, but this time was a little different as a fan commented and begged Aiko to share her skincare routine.

 penny (got laser on my face the other day and they burnt my forehead) A post shared by  Penny (@jheneaiko) on Mar 7, 2018 at 7:04pm PST

It must have been the fan's lucky day because the songwriter actually responded and gave the Instagram user a complete breakdown on her regimen.

Jhené's Skincare Routine

The songwriter revealed that she goes through a process called Fraxel for her face.

"I get Fraxel about twice a year. It's an intense laser treatment that improves texture, acne scars and enlarged pores," Aiko stated

The process might sound great, but Aiko revealed that it's actually painful as the face scabs and then the scabs fall off within seven days, after which the face stays swollen for another week. Beauty is pain, right? 

The "Moments" singer further remarked that she follows up with the treatment by drinking Kangen water and apple cider vinegar. 

Although Aiko has glowing and smooth skin now, she did disclose that she has dealt with cystic acne in the past due to ovarian cyst, but she took birth control to help prevent the breakouts. 

Jhené And Big Sean

Aiko might be receiving praise for her skin, but recently she also made headlines when speculation ensued that she cheated on her husband, music producer Da Dot Genius, with her longtime boyfriend and rapper, Big Sean. 

The 29-year-old shut down all the rumors and explained that she has been friends with the "Moves" rapper for a long time and that they always maintain a platonic relationship. 

Despite fans' accusations, Aiko and Dot tied the knot in March 2016 but decided to separate in August 2016. Their divorce was not finalized until October 2016.

It seems that Aiko really did respect her relationship with Dot as she did not go public with Big Sean until after they were married